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Philip Hernon and Emeric Delczeg have teamed up to bring you has combined the best of the Eastern block old school supplements with the new technology and innovative processing systems of today. We will be bringing to you Dr Emma Kosa digestive wheat germ product that is toxin and gluten free, Humanofort which controls IGF, cortisol provides and a host of hormonal regulating functions, Tribestan a potent COX2 inhibitor, Energix which contains creatine and phyntin,  Carsil the liver protectant that ensures delivery of the potent syllamarin, a pet health product and whole egg and milk proteins which will naturally contain more CLA, omega 3 and folic acid.

     Philip and Emeric are both IFBB professional bodybuilders. Emeric has been the CEO of Fitness Enterprise and has been instrumental in bringing new products and training techniques to the bodybuilding world for the last 25 years. He lives in Belmont, California and is married with 2 children.  Phil Hernon won the MR USA in 1995 and has been bringing high quality proteins to the market for the past 20 years.  He is a gym owner and is married with 3 children, living in Geneva, New York. would not be possible without the parent company, and Endre Nagy. Endre is the majority partner of Biogeniclaboratories and is the driving force behind the milk and egg quality control production, with his special propitiatory complimentary livestock feed. Toalnutritionrx is proud to be able to carry Biogeniclaboratories proteins and DWGE as these unique products are the future of functional foods and functional supplements.

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